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Plastic Surgery Marketing: Why Surgeons Should Give It Importance


Among the first in healthcare to embrace plastic surgery marketing, plastic surgeons performed over 15.6 million cosmetic surgeries in 2020 alone (

As reported by Statista, as of 2019, the U.S. had the largest number of plastic surgeons globally, with a total of 6,900.

As with any industry, there are individuals who are outperforming, and others who may slightly be falling behind. So how can a plastic surgeon stay ahead in such a competitive line of work and practice to the best of their ability?

The answer may lie with successful marketing.

Marketing For Plastic Surgery Practices

Successful marketing comes in many forms which are tailorable to support individual practice’s needs and goals. With the possibility to focus on several areas to push the success of a practice.

When it comes to marketing, there are four main areas that we find beneficial to focus on with our clients.

  1. Branding & Design 
  2. Email Campaigns
  3. Reporting & Insights 
  4. Web & Search Optimization

Branding & Design In Plastic Surgery Marketing

Successful branding and design is the foundation of creating a distinctive identity for plastic surgery practices.

This can all start from correctly defining who your patient is or who your ideal patient may be.

As a surgeon, you will have in-depth knowledge and clarity surrounding the procedures you offer.  Proceeding with the right marketing to show yourself as a specialist in these procedures within the industry is the next step. Branding is your way to display who you are and what you stand for. 

We believe that the aim should always be for prospective patients to be able to identify and define what your practice offers. What is your mission? What do you stand for? How do you make them feel? 

Important Areas Of Branding For Plastic Surgery Marketing

When considering branding and design, practices must explore all avenues to reach out to as many prospective patients as possible. It’s not enough to only offer exceptional service in practice, but such things as a successful website hold the ability to set the tone for your practice. Your plastic surgery website should target and then convert. 

Successful branding and design should speak to your audience in a way that connects and builds trust, and not something that should be left up to chance to work itself out. Practices need a clear social media presence that speaks to your brand and patients’ needs. 

More than half of the world now uses social media. That is 4.55 billion people who are active users across social media platforms online. (Smart Insights)

From your website to social media, we understand the importance of branding to elevate plastic surgery practices. 

Helping you appeal to your target audience, and reach the people who want what you have to offer.

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Far too often, marketing in cosmetics can present itself as uninspiring. From replicated taglines to lack of distinction. We are aware of what doesn’t work and can show surgeons the correct way to position themselves in the industry.

When the time comes for prospective patients to ultimately make their decision to move forward with a procedure, to arrive at that point, there needs to be a clear brand identity that enables patients to set your practice apart.  

Speak to your audience and tell your story. 

Email Campaigns For Plastic Surgery Marketing

We believe in a look-see-do approach with marketing. Focusing on specially tailored email campaigns provides huge opportunities to grow. Showcasing your services to new patients, whilst holding the opportunity to bring back previous patients. 

Successful lead nurturing campaigns can result in 80% book rates for practices and this process can begin from setting up such things as email automations based on website behavior to regular email campaigns that inform or offer exclusive services. 

Furthermore, email campaigns require attention to detail.  Practices should always aim to provide a unique, informative experience that leaves readers wanting to learn more. Thus, taking the action to move forward with consultations.

This meaning, it’s not enough to simply have an email list. The importance is what practices choose to do with them. Nurturing prospective and past patients requires time and much consideration when it comes to email campaigns. With a direct opportunity to connect with your audience, this hugely depends on marketing efforts. 

We proudly work with our clients to get them patient coordinator close rates of 80%, whilst the industry average ranges from just 15-50%.

Reporting & Insights

The highest performing surgeons know that to truly understand their practice they must identify what is working, and what isn’t performing as well. This can all be done with proper reporting. 

In addition, in-depth reporting is the key for practices to highlight the opportunities that will help drive the practice’s growth.

Whilst it’s correct that plastic surgeons should be paying the utmost focus to their work within the surgery room, there is a huge missed opportunity when this attention is not wisely spread into areas such as reporting.

Reports give insights and insights give direction. This is why we like to consider and track the “Four Golden Metrics” in Plastic Surgery Marketing.

  1. Visibility 
  2. Inquiries 
  3. Consultation 
  4. Surgeries


Are your target patients able to find you easily? 


Are prospective patients submitting their interest with you, rather than other surgeons?


Are prospective patients making it into your practice to learn more and gain knowledge surrounding procedures? 


The final clarity.  Are your marketing efforts resulting in booked surgeries?

Web & Search Engine Optimization

Successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is likely to drive 1,000% more traffic to your website than organic social media.

SEO is used to improve the quality of website traffic that comes directly from search engines and successful practices should be focused on various methods of web and search optimization to get their practice noticed. 

The initial stage starts with getting your practice ranked, which in turn leads to consultations and eventually, booked procedures.

The SEO process starts with gaining an online presence. From website views to blog readers, and eventually booked consultations to surgeries. A thorough marketing strategy gives way for each specific stage to be well thought out and executed. 

The Risk Of Not Utilizing Marketing

When plastic surgery practices choose not to focus their attention on marketing efforts, this is potentially giving way for other practices to immediately be one step ahead.

However, its uncommon to be the best at everything. Therefore, the importance lies with considering all areas that provide benefits.

Marketing is made up of several areas, meaning without it, it is not just one area that is left out, but an accumulation of small vital details that can be the difference between success and failure. 

Brand Identity

Successful brand identity allows patients to effortlessly identify your practice, leave a lasting impression, and in turn lead you to become their surgeon of choice.

Lack of consideration for telling your story and becoming personal leaves risk to fall into the crowd. 


Well thought out and implemented marketing provides huge opportunities for growth for practices. Plastic surgeons should have the opportunity to focus on performing exceptional procedures. However, understanding that marketing efforts should be implemented as a booster to success. 

Therefore, whether it’s clarifying brand identity or thoroughly tracking metrics to make long and short-term plans.

Marketing does not need to be difficult but should be viewed as the way to elevate success whilst holding the ability to remain personal and create distinction in what is an extremely popular industry. 

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