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Internal Beauty And Its Importance In Aesthetics


The focus of internal beauty in the aesthetics industry could be a debatable subject. Does it do more harm than good? Or is it the key to contributing hugely to the well-being and self-confidence of millions of individuals all over the world. 

The opportunity to take matters into our own hands, or the hands of a trusted surgeon, is a blessing that many dream of.

Practices hold responsibility to perform procedures to the highest standard, and focus on the well-being of patients at the forefront of all they do.

So what is the advantage when practices give equal importance to internal beauty alongside external?

Beauty Standards Within The Industry

Beauty standards may often seem unattainable or unrealistic. Celebrities may also play a role in this when often choosing to not be honest about cosmetic procedures they have had performed.

It could be said that people in the public eye prefer to keep this information private for a number of reasons. They may not want to admit to having had work done, or they possibly feel pressure to present themselves without flaws. Therefore, they believe revealing such information would go against their image.

Honesty Within The Beauty Industry 

Honesty is the best policy with everything, and it is important surgeons also follow this ethos when working with prospective patients.

It is crucial to inform patients if their desired outcome is unrealistic. In addition to explaining when certain public figures have most likely had cosmetic work done to achieve their look.

It’s easy to be fooled and it is part of human nature to often see things as perfect from the outside.  Therefore, it is important to be a surgeon who educates patients honestly. Its important to guide them in the direction which is more suitable in terms of their procedure. 

Embracing each patient and understanding that no two bodies are the same is a crucial way to approach a procedure. This contributes to focusing on both internal and external beauty.

Natural Versus Dramatic

Every surgeon will have their own style. Whether this relates to the procedures they choose to do, to their way of performing within the surgery.

Identifying what type of surgeon you are can play a huge role in understanding if your focus on internal beauty is as correctly emphasized as the external. 

Patients may choose to undergo surgery for two reasons, medical or aesthetics. More than often, it may be an aesthetic purpose that has more dramatic results.

However, people who undergo a plastic surgery procedure for medical reasons, may not always choose to have natural results. 

An unexpected opportunity may presents itself to have surgery, due to medical related reasons. A patient may take this opportunity to enhance something more dramatically in the process. For example, if an individual had an accident that damaged their nose, which resulted in them needing surgery, they may opt to also make some tweaks to the shape in addition to fixing the medical related problem.

How Practices Focus On External Beauty

Practices focus on external beauty in almost all they do. This is the essence of plastic surgery practices. Whether the reason be medical or aesthetic focused, external beauty is often the primary importance.

Focusing on external beauty in the right way enables practices to show that they take pride in exceptional results. 

The Downside To Giving Too Much Focus On External Beauty

However, too much focus on external beauty may be off putting for patients seeking more natural results. In addition, it may have prospective patients forgetting about one of the most fundamental things, which is that ultimately, it is important to feel happy on the inside and then focus on the external. 

For example, patients who may be undergoing cosmetic surgery for their first time will find themselves with a mixture of emotions.

Therefore, it is important for surgeons to take on the role of educator, without being overbearing. Patients may need to see a wide range of possible surgery outcomes in order to make a better informed decision about their desired result.  

How Practices Can Focus On Internal Beauty 

Practices and surgeons can focus on internal beauty in a number of ways. Through proper education and the style of procedures, there is a huge opportunity.

Many people may wonder how it is possible to express importance on internal beauty whilst focusing on changing lives aesthetically. 

Founder and CEO of The Beauty Business Journal, Richard Mckeon, stresses the importance of understanding the true motivation behind a patient’s needs, and using this to get ahead in business.

Listen to our podcast episode with Richard Mckeon

Showing Varied Results To Promote Internal Beauty In Aesthetics

It is beneficial for practices to present themselves as one that offers a variety of results, depending on the individual needs.

Or, if a practice has one specific style, which is focused on more natural results, let this be known through your marketing and customer before and after.

The Benefit Of Focusing On Internal Beauty In Aesthetics

To truly feel internally good, maybe one must start by loving ourselves within. Positioning yourself as a practice who gives value to internal beauty can not only be a factor that makes your practice more approachable but more human.

When prospective patients can relate to you, it creates a connection that is often needed to start a successful patient and surgeon experience. From simple hang ups to common insecurities, when patients feels valued for who they are, this is likely to make them feel more comfortable.

Surgeons have the ability to approach such insecurities with emphasis on enhancing appearances rather than completely changing them.

In addition, when surgeons focus on internal beauty, they often make a commitment to discover patients’ internal needs and desires. Practices can discover patients’ motivations and possible fears. 

A better understanding of patients enables surgeons to give a better patient experience. Moreover, confidence can be gained through the accessibility that practices offer. Thus, allowing patients to open up and share their experiences.


In conclusion, when practices choose to give equal importance to both internal beauty and external, they give an opportunity to create distinction within their industry.

It is a golden opportunity to share knowledge with patients, build better relationships with patients alongside being more relatable.

However, practices shouldn’t underestimate areas of staff training and brand identity. It is important that surgeons ensure that their actions are a correct reflection of what they say they stand for.

Promoting practices as being focused on both internal and external beauty without supporting actions may lead to damaging consequences. This may range from lack of trust to unclear identity. 

Therefore, whichever route a practice decides to take, they must be in line with the workings of the practice. Whether that be brand identity, staff training for consultations, or the specific procedures the practice chooses to specialize in. 

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