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Plastic Surgery Podcasts: Is It The New Must-Have For Practices?

Plastic Surgeons will admit that they are sometimes drawn to the next best, shiny marketing tool or medical device – the golden ticket that will boost their practice. Creating content has shown to provide huge advantages for surgeons, but are plastic surgery podcasts going to be key for practice marketing?

Podcasts are the new media content. Praised as being the most accessible and natural way to add value and deliver information. Podcasts allow surgeons to showcase their voice by creating content surrounding their personal expertise.

The Key Driver For Prospective Patients When Choosing A Surgeon

There are so many factors that patients consider before moving forward with a procedure. 

From subtle cosmetic tweaks to life changing surgeries, patients seek out confidence and trust to take them from their first stages of curiosity to that moment of saying yes.

So what is said to be the key driver for prospective patients when choosing a surgeon?

Eva Sheie, Founder of Axis, believes this all surrounds comfort. Creator of her own podcast agency and a chief content strategist for elite aesthetic practices, she states how plastic surgery podcasts are the next competitive advantage for surgeons worldwide.  

Listen to our recent podcast with Eva here.

Feeling comfortable enough to pick up the phone to book a consultation or having an open opportunity to ask any burning questions is a major factor for patients.

But there is a prior step that can have prospective patients feeling informed. With an added element of trust and familiarity, and, for Eva, this comes in the form of podcasts.

The opportunity to listen to a plastic surgery podcast focused on surgeons and their practices creates a whole new element to adding value.

In addition, demonstrates practices’ ability and commitment to patient experience. 

Who Is A Good Candidate For A Plastic Surgery Podcast?

Are you a surgeon who is willing to give a little of your time in return for much more of it back later in the patient process? If so, podcasts may just be the thing for you.

Perhaps you recognize that you patients need to learn more about you before consultations. From personal experience, to compelling case studies, a surgeon who wants to better inform prospective patients may want to consider sharing their expertise through podcasting. 

Let’s say you are someone who simply enjoys answering consultation questions. A podcast will be the perfect opportunity to create an intimate but informative space. A chance to allow your patients to get to know you, understand your expertise and feel more comfortable in sending an inquiry to your practice, and not your competitors.

After all, a plastic surgery podcasts can help reach more potential patients, but it can also shorten consultation times due to patients already having some of their questions answered.

What Are The Benefits Of Plastic Surgery Podcasts?

There are a number of benefits that a practice or surgeon can gain from podcasting. 

Having a plastic surgery podcast can mean less strain on consultations. By sharing information freely on your podcast, this could significantly cut consultation times due to prospective patients gaining knowledge beforehand.

Lets say in one 7 hour day, you have 7 consultations, all 1 hour each.

As a result of creating a highly informative podcast, you have the opportunity to cut consultation times down by half.

Instead of 7 consultations, you can take that number up to 14 in one day. This results in an opportunity to double the amount of procedures for your practice.

The Relationship Between Rankings 

Just like any form of content, consistency is key when it comes to podcasting. 

It could be said to be very unlikely that your podcast success will happen overnight (never say never)! However, the important factor in this case seems to be, simply beginning and continuing!

A perfect example to support this is was a client of Eva’s, who, in the space of 9 months of consistent podcasting, was able to rank from 10 all the way up to the top three.

Podcasts are a perfect way to get website traffic from platforms with high domain authority on relevant topics for your audience.

Patient Psychology 

An interview conducted with patients post consultation and operation, provided some insight into patient behaviour.

There are two main factors which made people move forward with their procedures. The results were as follows:

  1. The Surgeon Made Them Feel Comfortable – ensuring that the comfort of prospective patients is number one priority is fundamental. This can start right from the moment in which a listener hears your voice on your podcast. Giving chance for a prior connection to be made as a result of familiarity.
  1. Pricing / Price Transparency – An arguable point for many practices, but price transparency is an additional factor that has prospective patients moving forward and booking procedures. 

Often practices may feel that by giving all of their prices up front, they diminish their patients curiosity.

However, when done correctly, price transparency builds trust, and studies show it also gives a higher conversion rate.

Read our infographic on what we discovered about free consultations versus paying consultations.

Patient Education And Plastic Surgery Podcasts

Patient education is so important and its a surgeons job to be a warrior against bad information. “The only answer to bad information is more information”, says Eva.

Surgeons hold invaluable knowledge and the more familiar you become giving it out, the better. 

Founder of Unveil, George Fox, has witnessed distinctive elements online that he believes are building trust between practices and prospective patients.

  • Connections and authenticity 
  • Writing in an emotional style – no matter how big or small the procedure, when prospective patients feel that they are understood, they are receiving the validation that they may unawaringly need. 

Some individuals may be seeking some form of permission to change. Whether they truly realise it or not, an opportunity to connect, opens the way for patients to feel that their needs are valid. From giving positive information surrounding procedures to benefits and success stories

  • It’s also very important for practices to contribute to other platforms.
  • By branching out and spreading information across various social media channels you are able to leave no stone unturned. Allowing practices’ to and continue to present themselves as leaders.

Where To Distribute Podcasts

Any successful practice should be creating consistent and relevant content. Therefore, adding podcasts into an already high-value practice may be another way to stay ahead of your competitors.

A huge advantage of podcasts is that they can be spread far and wide. You can choose exactly where to distribute them as you already have a good understanding of where your prospective patients are spending their time.

From Facebook to Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube, a single piece of content has the ability to be distributed across all social media platforms.

Why Podcasting Could Be The Next Competitive Advantage

It’s no secret that connection between patient and surgeon is vital. No matter what way you are running your practice, this factor will always play a huge role in success.

In the midst of social media, this could be a golden opportunity to show yourself as a real person with feelings, knowledge and genuine care.

In addition, speaking about your expertise will be second nature. Therefore, in reality, you don’t have to do anything more than sit down and talk; all surrounding subjects you are passionate about.

So, if you’re someone who has things to share or teach and wouldn’t mind giving a portion of your time, is podcasting worth a shot?

Are you already running a podcast? Is it working? We’d love to know. Talk to us here.

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