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How Important Is Showing Modest Plastic Surgery Results?

What is the risk when practices fail to show modest plastic surgery results?

The after results following any kind of procedure are possibly one of the most important elements for patients post surgery.

Moreover, before and after results could be said to be the number one factor that influences the beginning of a prospective patient’s journey.

Modest results can positively impact a number of ways.

From ethically promoting real results, to being transparent about procedures.

However, this opens the question as to whether showing modest plastic surgery results is enticing to prospective patients or, in fact, a downfall for practices.

Creating Trust With Modest Plastic Surgery Results

From the many positive aspects of showing modest plastic surgery results, one predominant factor is the opportunity to educate patients.

When surgeons choose to be open and honest about results this immediately opens up the way for prospective patients to have trust in not only you, but your practice on a whole.

Surrounding what is likely one of the most important moments in a patient’s life, trust plays a huge factor when choosing their preferred practice. 

The ability to make an individual feel at ease is a huge component in helping them when they are in the position of making a decision, and this goes hand in hand with trust.

The Benefits Of Trust Between Patient And Surgeon

Therefore, when you put trust forward as the primary focus on how you present yourself as a practice, this will immediately give an upper hand with building a better patient and surgeon relationship.

Trust can often be the key difference between a prospective patient choosing your practice over another. 

Come in different forms and enabling many things which are likely to work to the benefit of the practice:

  • If a patient has trust in a surgeon, they are more likely to consider advice which surgeons may offer, even if a surgeon’s advice may be contrary to their initial view points
  • Dealing with patients that are more relaxed. Just like in everyday life, when you have trust in a person or situation, you are likely to feel more comfortable. The same goes for a patient and their surgeon.

This creates a better process for surgeons as they can focus solely on doing their job with no additional distractions. Moreover, when a surgeon is happy, it is likely that patients will also reciprocate this emotion. 

Educating Patients Through Modest Plastic Surgery Results

Apart from building trusting relationships, the education of patients in itself can be an invaluable asset for practices. 

Patients can be educated in a number of ways. Firstly, surgeons have a duty to be thorough in the details surrounding a procedure and this holds an opportunity to educate patients. 

This can be considered an ideal opportunity for prospective patients to learn numerous things that they may not have previously been aware of or fully understood. 

Ranging from surgeons explaining the reasoning for a specific kind of post procedure look right down to pricing breakdown. These are just some of the elements that contribute to giving patients an educational experience. 

Importantly, modest plastic surgery results play a role in this and go in line with educating.

For example, it may be that a prospective patient is initially underwhelmed by modest results. However, a surgeon can use this as an opportunity to fully elaborate.

This could range from the reasoning for difference in procedure costs and explaining the elements that all contribute to a specific end result.

This is a chance to widen patients’ viewpoints and answer their queries with real case studies when necessary. 

However, in cases when glamour focused imagery is needed, practices can approach this with honesty by always specifying.

Limiting The Number Of Unhappy Patients With Modest Plastic Surgery Results

A further positive result of practices showing modest results is the opportunity to greatly limit the number of unhappy patients. 

When prospective patients have a real idea of expected results, this ensures that they have realistic expectations. Modest examples enable surgeons to live up to their results, if not exceed in some cases.

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As consultations are a key stage in a patient’s experience, they can also be a chance for additional education.

Consultations are the start of a prospective patient’s journey. A key moment to discuss possible before and after results, whilst looking at previous procedure examples.

Therefore, when conducted correctly, hold a huge advantage of cover important details beneficial for both sides. A chance for surgeons to learn about their patients history and desires.

Underwhelming Modest Results

Although modest results have enormous benefits, there are possible downfalls that practices may want to consider.

It is undeniable that there are a large number of people who are enticed by all things glamorous in life. This is no different when it comes to cosmetic results.   

Whether this ranges from subtle changes to life-changing procedures, people will always use before and after images as guidance to assist in decisions surrounding surgery.

If a potential patient is underwhelmed with the images that a practice presents, this holds a chance of limiting patient interest. As a result of this, practices may be at risk of patients immediately considering elsewhere for their procedures. This all comes down to other practices simply having images that look better on the surface. 

Dealing With Underwhelmed Patients

However, seeing any form of imagery opens the conversation of results between surgeon and patient. This can also create a healthy, honest relationship through being realistic about expectations.

Nonetheless, for the majority of individuals who are primarily enticed by glitz and glamour, they may fail to see the positive in modest results, and simply aspire for something more than what is possible. 

In addition, this creates problems for surgeons who have prospective patients with unrealistic expectations.

Dr. Russell Babbitt explains how he is honest with patients when he believes he is unable to live up to their expectations. He, therefore, points them in the direction of fellow surgeons who he believes will be able to better perform the procedure.

This also means that there is huge value on not only patients being educated, but also practices on a whole.

A patient can only be truly educated if a practice has the knowledge to share.

This may range from opening a patient’s mind to new desired results. For example, if a patient is fixated on a post procedure result that is unrealistic, the surgeon is to educate and inform them of fulfilling alternatives. 

Negative Comments Online

As showing modest results may not be for everyone, this leaves results open to critique. When showing results online, it gives way for people to openly comment their personal views. Negative and positive.

Negative comments may not only affect a practice, but can run deeper to affect surgeons and patients who allowed their image to be used. 

Practices may loose reputability through peoples personal views online that overshadow their good work.

For every individual who may be inspired by seeing modest results, there will always be the contrary. 

Russell Babbitt shares how he had negative experiences on social media with individuals leaving negative comments on post procedure images.

He explains how moments like such, can leave him feeling deflated. However, he is able to rationalize and consider that people who leave such comments are likely trying to deflect their unhappiness.


In conclusion, modest results provide both positive and negative elements that practices should thoroughly consider, from the ethical side of things down to better educating patients.

Individual surgeons can decide what works better for them and their practice on a whole. However, taking into consideration who is their targeted demographic and how they want to present themselves.

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