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Taylor Scarpello

From subtle tweaks, to life changing surgeries. A patient’s decision to move forward with any form of procedure takes undeniable confidence.

But when a patient chooses to heal themselves from the inside out, it is not only their responsibility, but also their surgeons. This is where practices have a duty to show care and empathy, guiding patients to feel their best self.

George is joined by Taylor Scarpello, founder of Crystal Infused Skincare brand Sono Essence. They discuss healing from the inside and how practices are key to being the support for patients’ confidence and self-belief, pre and post-procedure. 

Imperfections And Flaws

Self-consciousness can creep up on us at any age.

From teenage years to adult life, it’s human nature to want to strive for improvement and feel our best.

The role that practices play in supporting patients to feel their best self, starts from the inside.

We cover overcoming self-limiting beliefs and the importance of internal beauty.

Affirmations And Setting Intentions

Positive speaking can create and transcend into many things.

Setting intentions within any practice is key to demonstrating who you are with conviction.

It’s no secret the power that practices hold.  The ability to speak with belief and build meaningful relationships are huge ingredients for success. 

We discuss creating a positive environment for patients and what this can mean for many practices.

Healing From The Inside

From yoga to meditation, healing from the inside can come in many forms.

When the time arrives for a life changing procedure, it is the duty of the practice to give nothing less than full confidence and guidance.

We cover the role practices play in guiding patients through their healing journey.

Idea To Life

From idea to life. Attention to detail is up there as one of the number one priorities for any practice.

It could start with anything from truly understanding the reason behind a patient’s needs to the perfect end goal that a patient seeks.

We uncover the significance of caring about the small details throughout a patient’s whole journey and the impact of being with them every step of the way.

The Impact Of Products And Services

A patient’s decision to move forward with any procedure is truly life changing. 

Whether it was an instant decision, or a well thought out process.  The human relief of finally taking control of one’s life is nothing less than amazing.

We discuss how practices are key to being the support for patients’ confidence and self belief. 

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