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Russell Babbitt MD

It could be said that before and after images are the most common way to present cosmetic transformations. 

Giving the chance to look back at what was, and the key element of appreciating the new.

But what is the consequence when surgeons fail to show modest results?

In the real world, we all have natural flaws. All of which make us unique and are often a distinctive part of us. 

On Finally, George speaks with Russell Babbitt MD where they cover imagery in aesthetics and what keeps a plastic surgeon up at night. 

Showing Solutions And Results As The Best Practices

As an industry, it’s vital for plastic surgery practices to have the best executions. 

Not only focusing on results, but showing solutions to educate prospective patients.

This can range from:

  • Being open and real about results
  • Not only showcasing exceptionally great results
  • Acknowledging when images are glamour focused shots

The Importance Of Showing Modest Results

Before and after images play a huge role in prospective patients’ decision making. 

Witnessing amazing results can give patients a better idea of what they want for their own results.

But what happens when practices choose to showcase unrealistic imagery that doesn’t represent the majority of real results.

Dealing With Negative Comments And Bad Results

The wonderful world of the internet inevitably comes with its downfalls. 

From unsolicited opinions, to constant comparison. 

Remaining professional and focused amongst negative comments could be considered a talent.

From staying focused on important goals, to knowing when to take constructive criticism.

We dig deeper into the best ways to deal with negative comments and bad reviews surrounding your practice online.  

Identifying The True Reason Behind Unhappy Patients

There could be many reasons why patients are unsatisfied post procedure. 

Even when a surgeon has given their all, it’s possible there will always be unhappy patients. 

Inevitable or not, practices can limit the chance of this happening through:

  • Gaining true patient knowledge from in -depth consultations
  • Understanding the true reasoning surrounding patients choice for surgery 
  • Creating confidence from establishing a healthy relationship

The Greatest Satisfaction As A Surgeon

The satisfaction from doing something you truly love will never wear off.

Amongst long days, and possible sleepless nights..

The ups and downs are part of any journey to success.

From more self -awareness, that comes when things may not go as planned, to increased belief in your ability that follows pivotal moments.