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Richard McKeon

The importance of truly understanding your patient profile is invaluable. 

The ability to tap into both internal and external problems of patients creates huge opportunities for any practice.

But what about when patients find themselves unable to ask those awkward questions, and be honest with surgeons about what they’re seeking?

George is joined by Richard McKeon, Founder and CEO of Beauty Business Journal. 

They discuss strategic thought leadership within beauty and aesthetics, and how to successfully uncover patients’ internal problems.

Storytelling Of Internal & External Problems

There is so much value in finding the true motive behind a patient’s purchase.

Practices can speak out to potential patients in several ways. From marketing campaigns to digital assets.

However, positioning yourself as the best solution should always be the number one goal.  

Richard McKeon discusses the importance of understanding the true motivation behind a patients needs and using this to get ahead.

Where Companies Should Be Posting On Social Media

In a world full of social media, knowing where to focus your attention to build a connection with prospective patients can be overwhelming.

Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin!

The good news is, you don’t have to be all things to all people.

As the saying goes,

You can’t expect everyone to like you, when even you don’t like everyone!

Successfully identifying your patient profile means having a clear understanding of where they are spending their time. Establish this, and your practice is on the road to success.

The Process Of Establishing A Patient Persona

Measuring data within any practice goes hand in hand with growth. 

Which profiles are showing success?

What are your patients’ internal needs?

What trends are you witnessing? 

In a position of gathering first hand insights,

Sales teams and markers are the key to huge hidden opportunities.

We discuss patient persona and where opportunity lies to gather the insights your practice needs.

Hero Content & Adding Value In The Marketing Funnel

Delivering value ultimately comes down to truly recognising your patient profile.

The ability to tap into both internal and external patient problems helps identify huge opportunities for practices. 

There’s no doubt that responsibility lies with creating content that assists in helping patients make decisions. 

Does your information educate?

Does your knowledge get them ahead?

How does this content make them feel?

We discuss adding value in the marketing funnel and creating winning content that educates.

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