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Matthew Endara

Cosmetic and plastic surgeons may work within the same field, but often take different routes of training, before finally arriving to life in the practice. 

Working within such a widespread industry, gives surgeons the opportunity to carefully select their preferred speciality. But at what point should surgeons say “no” and go in the direction of perfecting a speciality?

We speak with Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon and Medical Director, Matthew Endara to discuss patient care and the importance of setting boundaries. 

The Distinction Between Cosmetic And Plastic Surgeons

What is the distinction between a cosmetic surgeon and plastic surgeon?

For many prospective patients, it may be hard to differentiate the two,

but one thing it largely comes down to

is training. 

From medical schools to surgical residencies, surgeons will have their unique journey before becoming a practising surgeon.

We discuss the difference between cosmetic and plastic surgeons and the educational journey of each profession. 

Handling Complications

If your practice is running on zero complications, it simply means you are not operating at your full potential.

In the world of plastic surgery, it’s pretty impossible for everything to always run smoothly.

Rather than trying to be perfect, how you handle situations when things go wrong is the real testament to a successful practice. 

Specialists In Plastic Surgery

If a surgeon promises you a perfect surgery, you probably shouldn’t trust them. 

It’s key that a practice’s aim is to give you the best of their ability, but patients need a clear understanding that not everything can be perfect all of the time.

We discuss how it is crucial to be realistic with patients about procedure outcomes and the advantage of specializing to contribute to success. 

The Best Process When Opening A Practice

When qualified surgeons find themselves ready to open their own practice it may be tempting to let any patient through the door. 

But there are several things that surgeons must take into consideration:

  • How is the patient’s health? 
  • Are they a smoker?
  • Too overweight for the specific procedure which may result in complications?

We discuss the safety issues surrounding surgical procedures and how providing the best patient care is the most important factor before going ahead with a procedure. 

Establishing Your Speciality

In order for a plastic surgeon to decide their specialty, they must first get a varied perspective on the different ways of doing things.

Ranging from:

  • Enrolling in a program with a broad field
  • Finding comfort in saying no
  • Learning from people you admire and replicating this service with your prospective patients 

We speak further about the importance of plastic surgeons having clarity on their comfort levels and limitations.