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Jonathan Kaplan

How do you feel when you want something and know the price upfront? 

Do you find yourself eager to buy, or immediately put off if it’s way beyond your budget?

From pain points to easy competitor advantage. 

When practices choose to implement price transparency this could be a quick race to the bottom, or when done correctly, could hold the key to educate, build trust and increase the number of patients.

On Finally, George speaks with Plastic Surgeon and Founder of Build by Health app, Jonathan Kaplan where they discuss the most effective methods of price transparency and overcoming patients’ pain points. 

Avoiding Static Pricing Within Your Practice

Price transparency holds advantages for practices through not only educating, but building trust. ​​

But what is considered the best way to implement this transparency when no two practices are the same?

From In-depth pricing break downs to utilising live chats to communicate with prospective patients.

George speaks with Jonathan Kaplan to cover price transparency and the best ways to transcend this into your practice. 

Is Price Transparency A Race To The Bottom?

Is providing price transparency a race to the bottom for practices? 

Reveal too much, and you create possible opportunities for your competitors.

Or don’t reveal enough, and prospective patients feel that you are hiding something.

Pain Points

When you think of true price transparency what comes to mind?

Throughout the journey of any procedure, patients may face numerous. Ranging from getting time off work post procedure or even securing funds to pay for their procedure.

While relatively most pain points have a solution. 

One exception is… cost!

If a patient can’t find the funds to pay for a surgery, they simply can’t afford it. 

So what is the best way to limit unpleasant surprises? 

Price Transparency Combined With Discounts

Practices can choose to implement price transparency in a number of ways.

And what works for one practice,might not work for another. 

However, there’s unquestionably one factor that prospective patients will always be enticed by…


The Challenges With Price Transparency

Price transparency may not be for every practice.

As with everything in life, it comes with its disadvantages.

From competitor practices offering cheaper services, to prospective patients immediately ruling out your practice due to price.