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Georgie Carter

Digital marketing is like dating. If you ask for marriage on the first date, then it might not go too well.

You have to truly connect with the other person and that often takes time. The highest-performing practices understand they need to develop a trusting connection with their patients.

George is joined by Georgie Carter, the founder of Pepped, a lifecycle marketing agency that helps health and wellness businesses attract, convert, and retain more customers.

They discuss the psychology of email marketing, why we shouldn’t worry about sending too many emails, and develop a ready-made welcome series for any practice to use.

Patients Journey With You

The ‘thing’. Not the film or superhero.

What was the “thing” that convinced you to make your last purchase? We all go through our unique journey to make purchasing decisions. Prospective patients have their own process – maybe…

– Digging deeper on your website to find out what you specialise in.

– Examining your Instagram presence for validation of your expertise.

– Developing a genuine connection with you and your practice.

I spoke with Georgie on the value of nurturing customers, clients or patients. She highlighted the importance of building deeper client relationships on growing a business.

Before Going For The Sale

What is the number one quality you look for in a relationship?

It could be a:

– Friend

– Partner

– Service Provider

– Surgeon

There could be hundreds of answers. But, there’s one common denominator. Trust.

You can’t get to the next stage of your relationship without it.

As a surgeon, you cannot ignore the role of trust in growing your practice.

Patients Emotions

Personal and professional.

How many practices have actually found the right balance?

For so long, marketers were preaching that we need to lead with features or benefits.

What we’ve been taught: 

“Look at us, this is why you need to use our services”

What we need to do:

“This is how working with us will change your life.”

The Role Of Guide

The hero or the guide… Which should a practice be?

It’s tempting to make the process all about your practice.

What patients really need is a trusted guide.

And it’s your role as a practice to help them every step of the way.

They cover the impact of different roles between patients and practices and how they should focus on being perceived. 

Email Automations To Build Relationships

Hesitating is a part of human nature. But what is it that turns a maybe into a yes?

Combine information with trust and you just may find yourself in a winning position.

They discuss the use of email automations and their ability to build meaningful client relationships. 

Sharing To Gain Authority

Value or selling?

Social proof or testimonials?

Prospective patients are likely looking for a taste of them all. The real question is, how will you decide to gain a position of authority?

They discuss the key ways to eliminate patients’ pre-perceived risks or fears.

Listen to the full episode here