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Eva Sheie

Competitive advantage within any industry allows you to grow and move forward. From using the power of your own voice, to simply sharing your expertise.

But when it comes to aesthetics and plastic surgery, how could you begin to elevate your practice? It’s no secret that creating content goes hand in hand with increased credibility. 

So the question is, is podcasting the new must-have for plastic surgery practices?

George speaks with Eva Sheie, founder of the Axis, to discuss the benefits of podcasting to elevate practice’s presence and what it takes to utilise this competitive advantage.

The Next Competitive Advantage For Your Practice

The next competitive advantage for your practice? Podcasting.

Building a connection and developing trust comes in many forms. 

But using the power of your own voice is what will bring people in and make them stay.

On this episode we uncover why podcasting is the next competitive advantage for surgeons worldwide. 

Making The Time For Podcasting

It’s no secret that life as a surgeon means you must prioritize and plan to give only the best. 

For yourself and also your patients. 

That’s why podcasting could be beneficial as part of your practice’s content model.

If you are a doctor who is willing to give a small portion of your time, then podcasting might just be for you.

We uncover how doctors should be willing to set time aside to reap the long term benefits of podcasting. 

More Podcasts, More Traction

Creating content goes hand in hand with increased credibility.

No matter what stage you may find yourself in your career, evolving and adapting to create the best opportunities for your practice is essential.

Allowing prospective patients to build a connection before you formally meet.

It’s no surprise how podcasts equal more traction.

Whilst providing an opportunity to gain exclusive information through sharing your expertise and passion.

3 Fundamental Models For Price Transparency

Often the debate between many practices surrounds…

Price transparency!

Some practices feel sharing everything limits patient curiosity, resulting in less consultations. 

Which simply doesn’t seem to be true. 

George speaks about the 3 fundamental models for price transparency that practices should be using. 

Progress Not Perfection

Testimonials can come in many forms.

From patient reviews to success stories.

Prospective patients feel confidence in your ability when they can see the proof in front of them.

And when you’re not sharing this information, you’re heading for missed opportunities. 

We discuss the importance of sharing all forms of testimonials, big and small. Alongside the influence this has on patients decision making.