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Erin Whitehead

Unable to recover or break through old patterns? These are two prime examples of persisting problems felt far too often by practicing surgeons. 

The truth is, doctors simply haven’t been taught how to fall into that fatigue and rejuvenate correctly. From managing work-life balance to achieving personal goals, executive coaching has empowered many surgeons to recapture the fire that inspired their careers.

Taking a step away from the traditional way of doing things, we speak with Erin Whitehead, Chief Executive Officer of Kick The Ceiling. 

There’s No Limit On Executive Coaching

What comes to mind when you hear the words ‘executive coaching’?.

Dissecting the ambitious side of any patient’s mindset is fundamental to uncover the concepts that sometimes limit individuals’ belief systems.

How To Know When You’re Out Of Your Depth

From medical school to residency, many practicing doctors simply don’t know how to reset their energy and break through old patterns and habits that hold them back.

We discuss honing in on limiting beliefs and the wonders of executive coaching for private practice doctors.

What Questions Should Surgeons Be Asking Themselves?

Interested or committed?

If you want to show up differently, this is the question you need to ask yourself.

It’s no secret that with the role of any practicing doctor, immense responsibility often follows.

Pushing through hurdles requires consistent commitment.

Often, this is achieved with the support of an executive coach.

Fluctuation Between Interest And Commitment

Think about the last time you were truly committed to something…

Or maybe someone?

How did you show up?

The truth is… real commitment knows no boundaries. Whilst motivation is fleeting.

Staying committed requires an additional level of our human nature.  Heightened more so in roles that generally require more of us – take doctors for example.

Common Challenges That Doctors Are Not Generally Aware Of

As we mature in life, we would think that things get easier.

But in reality, life has a way of becoming more complex.

The more we learn,

The more we grow.

Fire And The Myth Of Burnout

Fatigue may play a natural part in anyone’s life.  Whether it is in fleeting moments.

Or overcomes individuals completely. 

With a complex career, filled with ever changing stages, practising doctors have not been taught how to fall into fatigue correctly.

How To Overcome Persisting Problems

Picture this…

You’re walking on a path.

You take a side step.

 And never get back.

This is the case for hundreds of doctors.

We discuss resetting the nervous system and distinguishing the difference between passive and active recovery. 

Differences In Mindset From Generations

Even with a deep understanding of where your most ambitious desires lie, figuring out the pathway to arrive can be far less simple.

What are you waiting for? 

What haven’t you pulled the trigger on?

We cover teaching personal permission and responsibility.

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