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Dr.Lubna Khan – Salim

Aesthetics and beauty can often be a lot of hype, and little substance. 

Whether it’s the promotion of a new procedure, or looking closer into well-being and healthy habits. 

When the time comes for a surgeon to open their first practice, how can they put their best foot forward?

On Finally, George speaks with Dr. Lubna Khan-Salim, they discuss the importance of healthy lifestyle habits and the best advice for surgeons opening their own practice. 

Conversations In Consultations

Many surgeons appreciate when patients are interested in gaining knowledge and being thoroughly informed. 

Quite often viewing this as a representation of a positive future journey with their patient. 

From a possible understanding of how such patients will place the right importance on aftercare. 

While patients, on the other hand,

May gain comfort in their queries being answered. 

On Finally, George speaks with Dr. Lubna Khan Salim. They discuss conversations in consultations and the type of questions surgeons should be interested to answer. 

What points do you think are most important to cover in consultations?

Incorporating The Importance Of Internal Beauty Within Your Practice

It’s not difficult to understand how the world of aesthetics may come across as vanity focused. 

When in reality, it’s very different.

Full of personal journeys, stories and wishes. 

This is why successfully incorporating internal beauty within practices,

Leads the way to support the complexities within aesthetic journeys. 

From showcasing compassion to real understanding, George covers the importance of practices focusing on both internal and external beauty.

Balancing The Promotion Of Internal And External Beauty

How can practices successfully balance the promotion of internal and external beauty?

While aesthetics generally focuses on the outer layer of human presence. 

It is true beauty that starts from within.

Practices may be contradicting themselves when they fail to give importance to inward beauty.

George speaks about giving equal importance to all areas of beauty.

The Best Advice For Surgeons When Openings A Practice

From offering the hottest new procedure to taking the plunge to open your first practice.

Starting anything from the very beginning requires a clear plan, 

With the secret to success often being to simply start small. 

For example;

Focusing on one specific procedure to become renowned in that area, or thoroughly nurturing your one practice before you think to expand.

George covers the best advice for people wanting to open their own practice.

What has been your biggest risk in business so far?

Overall Wellness

Aesthetics and beauty can often be:

A lot of hype, 

And little substance.

That’s why it is so important not to overlook the simple things that can do wonders for our well -being and mental health.

Such as:

Good sleep

And good nutrition.

What does true well -being mean to you?