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Brian Hayes

Laying the right foundations for anything in life will ultimately keep you prepared for unforeseen challenges.

While a lot of focus is put on getting busy, just how productive is it to be constantly busy?

On Finally, George sits down with Brian Hayes, Strategic Business and Leadership Coach. They uncover dealing with competitiveness within the plastic surgery industry and why being busy doesn’t always equal productivity. 

Continuous Arising Problems

Whether in personal life, or business, persisting problems of any form often need us to take a step back in order to get to the root of the cause.

Patterns of continuous bumps in the road shouldn’t be left to chance to figure out.

But require a clear plan to reevaluate and restart.

Primary Problems: Marketing Or Business Infrastructure

What is the best way to attract more customers and grow when you often find yourself thinking:

“I don’t have enough patients”

“I’m not busy enough”


“My practice is busy but I want to be busier”…

The secret to identifying where your problem lies is often through marketing more effectively. 

Laying The Right Foundations For Your Practice

The right foundations are the first step to sustainable success…

But how true is the saying…

“Focus on getting busy, then the rest will follow” ?

Whilst being busy is great, busy doesn’t always equal productivity.

Great Teams Come From Great Leaders

Business is a team sport which means less of, 

  • I need to be the boss
  • I need to show everyone who is in charge

Becoming a better leader by being someone who: motivates their team, and inspires everyone to do better.

Lead The Process

What is your message?

Who do you want to be?

What is your vision for the future?

Successful marketing needs to be a collaboration of ideas and healthy input. Surgeons should successfully lead their marketing process, but give space for marketers to bring their vision to life, and ultimately putting their trust in them.