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Adam Horoun

How do prospective patients successfully set apart the ‘all-rounder’ from the ‘expert’ when it comes to selecting their chosen practice?

Whether its lack of identity in telling your story, or inability to showcase what makes your practice different from the rest. Patients seek to gain knowledge from specialists within the plastic surgery industry. 

On Finally, George speaks with Brand Marketing Strategist Adam Horoun. We discuss how demographics go so much deeper than age and location and the result of comfortably positioning your practice in the middle market.

The Struggle For Patients To Set Practices Apart

Too much information, is not always a good thing.

From making prospective patients feel overwhelmed, by saying too much, yet still showing lack of distinction. 

We discuss the struggle prospective patients may feel setting apart the best practices when they have a lack of identity.

Generalists Versus Specialists

Its human nature to want to be liked. But when surgeons become generalists, by aiming to please everyone,

It becomes missed opportunity to be a known specialist. 

The new rule could lie with:

Stop trying to be everything to everyone.

Demographics Only Scratch The Surface

Who is your audience and where are they from, are common questions often used to to identify demographics. 

But demographics only scratch the surface.

This is why surgeons should be asking questions such as:

What are my patient’s needs?

What are their emotional attachments? 

The difference in this knowledge is the identification you need to process.

Uniquely Positing Your Practice

What makes your practice unique?

What is your story?

What is your approach to beauty?

From your bio, to social media.

When practices don’t use their unique voice, they are doing themselves a disservice. 

The biggest and best way to serve your patients, is through marketing.

We cover how patients buy with emotion, and the importance for practices to connect with prospective patients. 

The Middle Range Doesn’t Appeal

Pricing is a subjective topic for most businesses.

Within the cosmetic industry, pricing can make a break a practice.

You could be tempted to undercut competitors, to offer cheap pricing.

Or be on the higher end, due to your high expertise.

But whatever you choose, don’t play it safe in the middle. 

We discuss why placing your practice in the middle range doesn’t appeal, and how using patient stories to build emotional connections is the key to gain attention. 

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