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Matthew Endara

Cosmetic and plastic surgeons may work within the same field, but often take different routes of training, before finally arriving to life in the practice. 

Working within such a widespread industry, gives surgeons the opportunity to carefully select their preferred speciality. But at what point should surgeons say “no” and go in the direction of perfecting a speciality?

We speak with Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon and Medical Director, Matthew Endara to discuss patient care and the importance of setting boundaries.

Adam Horoun

How do prospective patients successfully set apart the ‘all-rounder’ from the ‘expert’ when it comes to selecting their chosen practice?

Whether its lack of identity in telling your story, or inability to showcase what makes your practice different from the rest. Patients seek to gain knowledge from specialists within the plastic surgery industry. 

Brian Hayes

Laying the right foundations for anything in life will ultimately keep you prepared for unforeseen challenges.

While a lot of focus is put on getting busy, just how productive is it to be constantly busy?

Russell Babbitt MD

As an industry, it’s vital for plastic surgery practices to have the best executions. 

Not only focusing on results, but showing solutions to educate prospective patients.

Kimberley Cairns

The successful integration of patient psychology has in-depth stages that should be first taught and then applied.

When practices consider wellness, this must go right down to the core of understanding their patients true needs. From a trauma informed approach to correctly spotting red flags.

Jonathan Kaplan

When practices choose to implement price transparency this could be a quick race to the bottom, or when done correctly, could hold the key to educate, build trust and increase the number of patients.

George speaks with Plastic Surgeon and Founder of Build by Health app, Jonathan Kaplan where they discuss the most effective methods of price transparency and overcoming patients’ pain points. 

Eva Sheie

Competitive advantage within any industry allows you to grow and move forward. From using the power of your own voice, to simply sharing your expertise.

But when it comes to aesthetics and plastic surgery, how could you begin to elevate your practice?

Taylor Scarpello

From subtle tweaks, to life changing surgeries. A patient’s decision to move forward with any form of procedure takes undeniable confidence.

But when a patient chooses to heal themselves from the inside out, it is not only their responsibility, but also their surgeons.

Richard McKeon

The importance of truly understanding your patient profile is invaluable. The ability to tap into both internal and external problems of patients creates huge opportunities for any practice.

But what about when patients find themselves unable to ask those awkward questions, and be honest with surgeons about what they’re seeking?

Erin Whitehead

Unable to recover or break through old patterns? These are two prime examples of persisting problems felt far too often by practicing surgeons. 

The truth is, doctors simply haven’t been taught how to fall into that fatigue and rejuvenate correctly. From managing work-life balance to achieving personal goals, executive coaching has empowered many surgeons to recapture the fire that inspired their careers.