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Plastic Surgery Marketing: Why Surgeons Should Give It Importance

Among the first in healthcare to embrace online marketing, plastic surgeons performed over 15.6 million cosmetic surgeries in 2020 alone.

As with any industry, there are individuals who are outperforming, and others who may slightly be falling behind. So how can a plastic surgeon stay ahead in such a competitive line of work and practice to the best of their ability?

Plastic Surgery Price Transparency: Would It Make Or Break Your Practice?

Price transparency quite often has a varied viewpoint between surgeons. Not knowing when you’re sharing too much, or possibly not sharing enough.

Or, when choosing to implement price transparency, what is the best way to do it without selling yourself or your practice short. Surgeons want to continuously evolve, so how important is it to be transparent about pricing and how can it positively or negatively affect a practice on the whole?

Internal Beauty And Its Importance In Aesthetics

The focus of the beauty industry could be a debatable subject. Does it do more harm than good? Or is it the key to contributing hugely to the well-being and self-confidence of millions of individuals all over the world. 

The opportunity to take matters into our own hands, or the hands of a trusted surgeon, is a blessing that many could only dream of having. Practices hold responsibility not only to perform procedures to the highest standard, but the well-being of patients should also be at the forefront of all they do.

Is It Better To Be A Generalist Or A Specialist In Plastic Surgery?

When prospective patients find themselves seeking out their trusted surgeon for their cosmetic procedure, how is it possible for patients to separate the ‘do it all’s’ from the specialists? And which type of surgeons truly appeal to patients more?

Choosing to either be a specialist in your field, or a plastic surgeon who offers everything one could wish for is a personal choice and both options come with their advantages and potential downsides.

The Best Methods To Achieve Sustainable Success In Plastic Surgery

From the promotion of new procedures, to looking closer into well-being and healthy habits, aesthetics can often be a range of things. If not projected in the correct way by surgeons and practices on a whole, it may be a lot of hype and little substance.

When the time comes for a surgeon to open their first practice, what areas should they focus on for sustainable success?

Challenges In Plastic Surgery: Laying The Right Foundations

Business challenges and competitiveness are common within the plastic surgery industry. 

Many plastic surgeons may find themselves asking questions such as what is the best way to attract more customers and grow when you often find yourself with various responsibilities and goals.

How Important Is Showing Modest Plastic Surgery Results?

The after results following any kind of procedure are possibly one of the most important elements for patients post surgery.

Moreover, before and after results could be said to be the number one factor that influences the beginning of a prospective patient’s journey.

Will Some Patients Be Dissatisfied No Matter What?

Patient satisfaction is the cornerstone for any plastic surgery practice. Positive outcomes increase the opportunities for more bookings, improved staff morale and a happier surgeon.

Positive outcomes increased the opportunities for more bookings, improved staff morale and a happier surgeon.

Plastic Surgery Podcasts: Is It The New Must-Have For Practices?

Plastic Surgeons will admit that they are sometimes drawn to the next best, shiny marketing tool or medical device – the golden ticket that will boost their practice.

Creating content has shown to provide huge advantages for surgeons, but is podcasting going to be key for practice marketing?

Emotional Motivation In The Aesthetics Industry

Working in the aesthetics industry, it’s emotional. Client psychology is fascinating, depressing, uplifting, mysterious and predictable all at the same time. Whatever your product or service offering, you have to be obsessed with what motivates people.

In truth, before we started working with Plastic Surgeons all over the world, I thought that undergoing an aesthetic procedure was largely a vanity project. How wrong I was!